Mantra IVF centre is a specialized Assisted Reproduction Unit which has been conceived with the aim of combining advanced reproductive techniques , full dedication ,and state-of the art facilities, with a compassionate environment, so as to ensure that our patients get the best treatment in a cost effective manner.

           The Mantra IVF Clinic in surat is a exclusive unit for Infertility/IVF patients, made up of consulting rooms, counselling rooms, ultrasound scanning facilities, Andrology laboratory, semen collection area, Laparoscopic operation theatre, Ovum Pick up Operation theatre, and IVF LAB with recovery rooms. we have a special counselling room with a qualified counsellor to help you with counselling & guidance during your ivf treatment process. WE at mantra strongly believes that full time dedication of quality manager as an embryologist is essential, and that’s why the full time Embryologist is available at our centre.

           We work closely with other specialized doctors to provide you appropriate treatment related to Male infertility, Endocrine d’s treatment and laparoscopic surgery.